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Carly Renée Frankham

As an emerging artist, Carly began with photorealistic portraiture and has recently moved into drawing wildlife using graphite, charcoal and acrylic paint at times. She is particularly fascinated by the direct simplicity of the drawing process, building up complex layers of line and tone .

As the youngest in a large family with many different creative pursuits, Carly grew up with a deep appreciation of art. It was during the completion of her major works in high-school that she discovered her love for using graphite and charcoal – it was here she began her journey in learning the intricacies of drawing. Leaving high school, Carly studied film and television and then went on to work for channel 9 for several years in their production department, until deciding to pursue her art full-time in March of 2020. With her hard-working nature Carly has begun to forge a path for herself within the art world.

What Others Are Saying:

“We absolutely adore the piece that Carly made for us. Nothing was “too hard” for her or out of her expertise. She contacted us throughout the entire process and confirmed detail as well as suggested alterations that would be better suited to the overall project. We had a vision and she executed it with such detail and finesse. Her piece is now centre of our home. The comments we often get as people admire the work are “is that a drawing, it looks like a photo” and “the detail is unbelievable.” Those comments truly are the truth. She is amazing at what she does and we are beyond happy with how our commissioned work turned out. Thank you Carly.” – Georgia Scott

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